Frequently Asked Questions

Free classified ads are a benefit of membership in the WCHA. For more information about becoming a WCHA member, visit

If you are already a WCHA member and cannot place your ad, contact to have your account configured (this is still a manual process).

I have a username and password, but I can't log into either the forums or the main website using them.

The main WCHA site and the WCHA forums are two separate systems that each require you to create an account for them separately.

I can see a button to update my shopping cart, but I can't check out. Why not?

In order to complete the checkout process for the WCHA Online Store, you must be a registered user of the website and be logged in.

It depends! There are a number of factors that contribute to the value of a wood canoe. Condition is perhaps the most significant factor. The builder of the canoe can play a role, either because of  higher quality construction, or simple name recognition. Your location and potential market play a role as well. It is important to distinguish between market value and replacement value – the latter is usually higher and is important if you are insuring your canoe. For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, follow this link to the WCHA Forums.

The WCHA Classifieds are perhaps the best way to market your canoe, as it is targeted to the audience you want to address – namely wooden canoe enthusiasts! Ads are free for WCHA members, so you may want to consider joining the WCHA. Preparing a classified ad with a well-written description and good photographs will help you sell quickly and get top-dollar. Our members have also had success listing their canoes for sale on Ebay, Craig’s List, and other outlets.

The following questions comes up regularly when planning the WCHA Annual Assembly:

“Where are we going to hold the Assembly in the year ____ ?” (fill in the blank)
“When can we have it in (insert your state here)?

The answer is in the form of a question: “What facility is there in your suggested location where we can hold the Assembly?

The Annual Assembly is a unique event with special requirements that contribute to its success. The criteria that the Assembly Committee uses to select the site for future events follows:

Assembly Site Specifications

Housing for 400-500 people. Motel-style or dormitory-style is fine, barracks-style is not.
MOST IMPORTANTCanoeable river or lake. Readily accessible by foot from the lodging. Capable of handling frequent, spontaneous launchings by large numbers of people. Ideally also acceptable for swimming.
Large lawn area suitable for the display of large numbers of canoes with easy access to the water and lodging facility.
Food service for 400-500 people with lodging not a requirement for dining.
Meeting Rooms
One auditorium capable of seating most of the group and one or two smaller classrooms for individual seminars. Access to classrooms must include the ability to get canoes in and out, and power. Tent space for outdoor covered activities (multiple tents, 20×20 minimum), including access to power for some of the tents.
Reasonably accessable parking for up to 300 vehicles (and trailers).
Some thought should be given to security of the canoe in the display area and parking lot.
Lodging and meals should be economical. Currently costs range from $50 to $75 per person for lodging and 3 meals per day.
Camping facilities should be available on-site or nearby.
Needs to be available during the middle of July.